Knowledge Share: encouraging positive on-line content creating behaviors

Another successful training course: Knowledge Share, 4 – 12 November 2017, C’MON Bucharest, Romania. Project was organized by Digijeunes Association in collaboration with  Young Initiative, C’MON (Centrului pentru Managementul Organizațiilor Nonprofit).


During 8 days, participants from 4 European countries (Italy, France, Bulgaria and Romania) together with 2 representatives of Digijeunes, have enjoyed  very diverse activities about Technology, Media and Communication.


Having the opportunity to be part of this innovative project, I have absorbed all the new tips about technology that were shared and exchanged into the sessions and not only. We have visited and spend qualitative time in Bucharest in places like: Modulab, NOD Maker Space, Small Academy, C’MON, Cinetic.


This project started shy with some team work activities about Erasmus + using stop motion tools, and continued with a lot of creativity and determination, creating and discovering about: filming, editing video, digital badge, online video promotion, maker space movement, thumbnail. This was a week full of technology, I felt updated, inspirited and determinate to use all the fresh knowledge in my professional and personal projects. A very important part of the process of learning was those wonderful participants that inspired me every single day to change my perspective trough life, work and society (Simone, Paul, Nicola, Francesco, Silvia, Valerio, Mauro, Clelia, Andrei, Diana, Eugène, Kevin, Vlad).


I am grateful for this opportunity that Young Initiative Association gives me, to be part in this project. I am happy knowing about Erasmus Plus program that from the last 5 years is offering support to continue improving my life. I recommend to all youngsters to take advantages of these enrichment projects that our generation can join.


Thank you E+, Young Initiative, Digijeunes and all participants of Knowledge Share project!




Results of the project KNOWLEDGE SHARE: Video 1, 2, 3




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