Training “Un-labelling, discrimination and acceptance” 7th-14th June 2019, Toledo, Spain

About the Training Course

Un-labelling is a TC that intends to guide a group of 16 youth workers to become good examples for their youngsters in the fight against radicalization and intolerance, while presenting, at the same time, an opportunity for those youth workers and their organizations to boost their interculturaldimension and their ability to accept diversity.


The project aims to:

  • work on the understanding and acceptance of differences in order toavoid prejudice, conflicts and hate speech, as well as on the understanding of the emotions behind those human behaviours as the way to prevent discrimination and bullying.
  • forge multipliersthat will spark those with whom they will interact to be more understanding and open to differences.
  • provide participants with tools, skills and methods with which to help on fighting discriminatory attitudes in and within their youngsters.

The organizer

ParticipaJoven CR is a youth organization that aims for the promotion of European projects and facilitates the social integration of people with fewer opportunities by supporting them on developing their skills.


Non-formal learning[1]it’s a key feature of the Erasmus+ Program. The European programs provide opportunities for you to learn new things, get ideas andexperience.Therefore, it is an important instrument for non-formal and informal learning at a Europeandimension.

Furthermore, in this project we aim to achieve a group learning environment and to operate under shared management.

Non-formal learning refers to the learning which takes place outside the formal educational curriculum, involves people on a voluntary basis and is carefully planned to foster the participants’ personal, social and professional development.


Every person who takes part in an Erasmus+project is entitled to receive a Youthpass Certificate, which describes and validates the non-formal and informal learning experience and outcomes acquired during the project. It is also a tool that supports the learning process. More information is available at:


Learning outcomes

  • reinforcement of European values, including interculturality and mutual respect, boosting sensibilization and understanding of other cultures, countries and individuals.
  • peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge, standpoints, proposals and working methods.
  • broader critical thinking.
  • further development of professional competences linked with youth work.
  • greater awareness and knowledge of different European realities and cultures, particularly in regards to discriminatory situations.

Working language

The working language of this training course will be English.

Participants profile. You must be:

  • over 21 years old.
  • competent in using English as the working language.
  • committed to take active part in the whole duration of the project, including a Skype preparation meeting, preparation for the activities, the TC in Toledo and a follow-up activity. Note that there will be a work on self!
  • interested in fighting discrimination and conflicts based on labels and personal differences.
  • related to youth workin a professional context: youth worker (either paid or volunteering) currently working in direct contact with youngsters.
  • multiplier: able to transfer what you learn in your community: association(s), groups, young people, etc.
  • as much as possible, each of the two participants from partner associations would be of a different gender.
  • ideally, with already sufficient experience in youth work so as to sharegood and bad practices along with optimizing their participation in the project.
  • ready to run an energizer (one per country).


Participants per partner

16 participants coming from 7 countries:

  4. CET PLATFORM SKOPJE–North Macedonia
  5. POINT OF VYOU – Romania



The TC will take place in the city of Toledo, which is about 73 km from Madrid.We will be located at one only venue: Castillo de San Servando. Activities plus board and lodging will take place there.


  • Accommodation, activities and mealswill take place at“Castillo de San Servando” Youth Hostel.
  • More info and photos here.
  • Address: Subida Castillo San Servando, 45006 Toledo (TOLEDO).
  • Location:
  • Phone numbers: +34 925224558/54.
  • Email:



There are three important pieces of information you must take into consideration:

  1. The TC will start with the dinner of THURSDAY, 7thJUNE, and there will be a first (short) activity after dinner.
  2. The Spanish National Agency is VERY strict when it comes to reimbursement, and so they will NOT allow any flight outside the activity days (7th and 14thJune). May you wish to travel outside those dates, it will be at your own expense.
  3. Note that from the airport you will have to go to the city of Madrid (about 1h), and from there, take a regional train to Toledo (30 min). There will be someone from the team waiting for you at the train station to take you to the accommodation. Ideally, you must land in Madrid airport not later than 17:00h (5:00pm) on June 7.



Travel expenses, plus full board and lodging will be covered by the Erasmus+ program according to its rules.

The NA financestravel costs according to the Distance calculator:

  • 275€ – Italy.
  • 360€ – Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, and Romania.
  • 530€ – Turkey.

Only covered travel dates: 7thJune for arrival and 14th June for departure!

First and last meal: dinner of the 7th till lunch of the 14th.

Before you buy your ticket, please contact ParticipaJoven CR for approval!


Remember that attending the whole event is obligatory, and active participation in all of the proposed activities during the program is expected, including preparation tasks before the TC in Toledo.



To enter Spain, you need a valid identity document (passport or identity card). The need of a visa for entry depends on your nationality (citizens of EU and EFTA countries do not need one).

If you do need a visa, make sure to apply for it immediately because it can take a long time. If you need an invitation or confirmation letter from our side, please, let us know.


All participants will be covered by anaccident insurancefor the duration of the TC

Regardless, those who possess a European insurance card are covered for illness and accidents in the same way as they are in their country thanks to governmental agreements for the recognition of EU insurance systems. Please bring it with you.

You might want to think about taking a travel insurance for specific risks linked to travelling (damage to luggage, flight cancellations, etc).


Apply HERE:



From Spain: President of Participa Joven CR., Email:

From Romania: President of POINT OF VYOU Association:




Proiecte nationale si internationale POV 2019

A. Proiecte Europene active 2019:

  1. Spania – Resolution Erasmus+ “Un-labelling, a TC about discrimination and acceptance“, perioada 7-14 Iunie 2019
  2. Romania – “Re-Play-creative gamification for youth” training course, Busteni, 30 August – 9 Septembrie 2019
  3. Italia – ZOOM Dig in your sensitivity, Youth Exchange, 17 – 26 Septembrie 2019
  4. Spania –  ESTIVAL  Training Course,  16 – 24 Iunie 2019

Formular POV general pentru inscriere proiecte europene aici!

A.1. Proiecte Long – Term prin ONG-uri prietene din Europa:

  1. EVS / European Solidarity Corps “offLINE – from volunteer towards employed”, long-term volunteering project in Bulgaria
    1 June 2019 – 31 May 2020
    Sofia, Bulgaria
  2. Schimb de Tineri “MAKING OFF ANANDA FESTIVAL” in Portugalia, 3 saptamani pe timpul verii, 28 Iunie – 19 Iulie 2019
  3. VOLUNTAR IN EUROPA – EDUCATION VOLUNTEERING PROJECT – NICOSIA, CYPRUS, 5 luni, in intervalul 1 septembrie 2019 – 31 ianuarie 2020


B. Proiecte Nationale active 2019:

  1. Organizare ateliere de diseminare schimburi de experienta si traininguri internationale
  2. Intalniri pentru scriere de proiecte pentru comunitate: Comunicare, reciclare creativa, stil de viata sanatos etc.
  3. Organizare training european (REPLAY) cu 7 tari participante, 23 de lucratori de tineret, Romania, Diham facilitare metode de educatie nonformala pentru reciclare creativa, creatie de jocuri educationale si dezvoltare personala.
  4. Organizare evenimente dezvoltare personala, profesionala, globala (Bucuresti, Ilfov, si altele)
  5. Ateliere de jocuri/ board games, networking

Pentru a te alatura pasiunilor noastre, mai multe info gasesti aici: 

Formular inscriere candidatura POINT OF VYOU aici! 



C. Portofoliu proiecte POV 2016-2019: 

1.Proiecte locale de dezvoltare: Personala, Profesionala, Globala 

2. Proiecte Europene si Internationale (Programe Erasmus +)

Schimburi de Experiente,  Traininguri multiculturale si programe europene Erasmus (+) (organizate, facilitate, recomandate sau in parteneriate):

  • Program de antreprenoriat “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” 2016
  • TC “EDUGAMING – I”, Serbia 2017
  • TC “From healthy lifestyle to global responsibility”, Cyprus 2017
  • TC “Me, myself and I”, Latvia 2017
  • TC “EDUGAMING – II”, Romania 2017
  • TC “EVS Realm – The master of the learning path”, Maramures, Romania 2017
  • YE “Peace Education and Collective Enrichment”, Spain 2017
  • TC “Knowledge Share”, Romania 2017
  • TC “Rebuilding lives trough employment, Greece 2018
  • TC Drama pedagogy as a way of inclusion, Austria 2018
  • TC Shake your emotions, Spain, 2018
  • TC Inside Outside, Latvia 2018
  • TOT Training for trainers SOS Solutions, Hungary 2018
  • TC From Life Balance to Global Responsibility, Latvia, 2018
  • TC Lead the way, Romania, 2019
  • YE Live and let’s live, desertification and it’s effects,  Tunisia 2019
  • Italia – Start Today to Work for Tomorrow, 21-31 March 2018

3. Proiect aplicate si/ sau in curs de desfasurare/ (re)scriere: 

Pentru mai multe informatii despre proiectele asociatiei, scrie-ne la adresa








Spunea Socrate că educația este “ Îmblânzirea unei flăcări, nu umplerea unui vas.” Într-o lume din ce în ce mai grăbită și închinată pragmatismului, facilului și comercialului, tinerii de multe ori se simt confuzi și pierduți cu privire la viața pe care doresc să și-o contureze, la ce sunt talentați, ce îi motivează, ce îi emoționează și unde își pot folosi mai bine potențialul.

O decizie pripită a unui tânăr construiește pe termen lung un adult frustrat și trist, prins într-o închisoare din care nu știe cum să mai scape.

POINT OF VYOU (POV) este un centru intercultural dedicat tinerilor, creat cu scopul de a completa și a echilibra stilul de viața a persoanelor interesate în dezvoltarea și atingerea potențialului lor, printr-o creștere multilaterala sustenabila.


Misiunea POV consistă în: 

– a dezvolta programe inspiraționale care să creeze schimbări echilibrate și de durată în viața tinerilor, dar și alternative de îmbunătățire a standardului de viață.

– a determina o schimbare socială prin încurajarea membrilor comunității de a fi activi, de a-și deschide mintea și de a privi viața dintr-o altă perspectivă.


Activitățile POV se centrează pe 3 dimensiuni principale: dezvoltare personală, dezvoltare profesională  și responsabilitate globală.

Pentru atingerea acestor scopuri utilizam diverse metode, cum ar fi, metoda Storytelling-ului, facilitare grafica, introspecție, exprimare si improvizatie, reciclare creative, și creare de jocuri educative.

Viziunea noastră este a unei lumi în care tinerii au un stil de viața armonios, în care își pot atinge potențialul și  în care pot crea un mediu sustenabil, in definitiv pot deveni oameni mai buni și prietenoși cu mediul în care trăiesc și la care pot contribui pozitiv. (in care se pot implica activ)

Majoritatea activităților organizației au fost implementate la nivel European, cu tineri din toate tarile europene cat si de pe alte continente, iar acum dorim sa dezvoltam mai mult la nivel local și regional, cu tineri români, unii dintre ei venind și din parteneriate cu tarile Europene.

Organizația s-a ocupat de educatie, jocuri, dezvoltare personală și înțelegere a potențialului fiecăruia, reciclarea și reorganizarea obiectivelor personale cat si profesionale. Pe termen lung organizatia are ca scop crearea unui punti intre planul personal si cel global, radicand nivelul de constiinta al tinerilor cu privire la ceea ce ii inconjoara.

POINT OF VYOU este o organizație de tineret ce dorește să creeze o un stil de viață echilibrat și sustenabil, să invite la pace și înțelegere între diferite culturi.  Oferă acces la instrumente și modalități de dezvoltare multilaterală și echilibrare a stilului de viața.

Este o combinație de experiențe multiculturale, metode și puncte de vedere, cu alternative a educatiei. Prin toate aceste activtati dezvolta un process de Long Life Learning.

Este necesară o abordare diferită din cauza sărăciei, nefericirii, nemulțumirii tinerilor cu privire la faptul ca nu se pot mobiliza și crește authentic in era virtual, care duce spre un stil de viață sedentar.


“Sometimes all you need to do is to look at life from a different perspective!”

“RePLAY Bucuresti” – Atelier de reutilizare creativa si board games

“RePLAY Bucuresti” este un eveniment creativ, desfasurat in cadrul trainingului RePlay, pentru oamenii din Bucuresti, care sunt inspirați să-și petreacă după-amiaza de miercuri, 9 octombrie,  prin creație, prin joaca si jocuri. Vino alături de grupul nostru care doreste sa dea mai departe culoare, joaca, inspiratie si un flux creativ!Replay
Acest eveniment este găzduit de Asociatia Point of VYOU, și de o parte dintre participanții la cursul internațional de educatie nonformala numit RE:Play, finantat de fondurile europene ERASMUS+! Ne-am reunit din 7 țări pentru a împărtăși cele mai bune practici de reciclare și gamificare timp de 10 zile la Busteni. Acest eveniment este rezultatul cursului de pregătire și este rodul inspirației pe care dorim să o împărtășim unui public cat mai larg.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Upcycling-ul este o tehnică de reciclare creativa din materiale reziduale. Se folosesc deșeuri menajere care se gasesc la indemana oricui, cum ar fi plăci de carton, hârtie, materiale textile, tetrapak si plastic. Reciclarea creativa oferă șansa de a proiecta și realiza idei din resursele care se găsesc în jurul tuturor.
Gamificarea este un proces de transformare a învățării prin joaca și jocuri. Fiecare joc are o regulă care creează cadrul, iar fiecare joc oferă posibilitatea de a conecta, de a bucura, de a învăța si de a fi / prezent în momentul respectiv. În cursul nostru de formare, am creat board-games (jocuri de masa) din materiale reciclate.
Vino alături de noi pentru această după-amiază creativă! Pentru înscrieri, accesează link-ul + “GOING“:




RePlay – training international de jocuri educationale si reutilizare creativa

In perioada 31 august – 10 septembrie 2019 se desfasoara RE:PLAY – un training de 11 zile care reunește 23 de lideri si lucratori de tineret din 7 țări europene, ce are loc in Busteni, România.

Acest curs este finantat de catre programul Erasmus +. Coordonatorul acestui proiect este Asociaţia POINT of VYOU, care va fi alături de alti 6 parteneri europeni din Bulgaria,Ungaria, Finlanda, Italia, Letonia, Spania.


În timpul proiectului, se va pune accent pe diferite tematici sociale, explorăm pașii necesari pentru dezvoltarea de materiale durabile și de cooperare educativa (care ar putea fi utilizate de catre lucratorii de tineret in comunități, training-uri, ateliere, școli). Pe parcursul proiectului dezvoltăm jocuri educative pentru crearea unei „ludoteci” (biblioteca de jocuri). Jocurile educative vor fi implementate și evaluate în timpul formării în sine și ulterior în fiecare comunitate din cadrul tarilor partenere: Letonia, Ungaria, Spania, Italia, Bulgaria, Finlanda, Romania, diseminată și promovată printre alte ONG-uri de tineret.

Deschiderea festivă a evenimentului a avut loc în Busteni, sambata, 31 august 2019, începând cu ora 10.00. Pe parcursul celor 11 zile ale trainingului, reprezentanții celor sapte organizatii partenere vor prezenta activitățile proiectului bazate pe reciclarea creative si jocuri educative.

Acestea training abordează probleme urgente legate de excluderea socială, descurajarea și radicalizarea tinerilor, precum și diverse provocari globale, ce aduc o contribuție foarte mare prin includerea tinerilor (pentru că sunt inovatori, energici, ușor de mobilizat).

Acest curs de pregătire isi propune sa sensibilizeze, sa responsabilizeze și sa implice cat mai multe grupuri țintă pentru a fi impartasite metodele educative unui public cat mai larg.

Echipa POINT of VYOU




ESTIVAL – Training course, Spain 16 – 24 June 2019


ESTIVAL is a training course full of
non-formal learning activities. The
participants will develop skills to
how-know to communicate in
different contexts, express their own
ideas and listen to others,
understanding different points of
view and valuing both individual
interests and those of a group, in
short, skills to participate actively
and fully in their work with young
people and in the communities in
which they live.


The planned activities focus on the
promotion of knowledge, skills, and
attitudes to prevent violence and
promote a culture of peace and
human rights.
The education workshops for peace,
human rights, multiculturalism, and
diversity focus on the acquisition of
knowledge about these concepts
and to exchange ideas and
experiences about the reality of
each country.





If you want to be part of this project, apply here:


Enjoy Spain!



RE:PLAY – Gamification in Youth Work – Training course, Gura Diham, Romania 31 August – 10 September 2019

General info about our Training Course Re:Play!

a.       Dates: Arrival for participants: 31st of August 2019 before 14:00 pm to Bucharest, Romania, Departure for everyone:  10 th of September 2019 from Bucharest

b.      Venue: The program will take place in Busteni, Gura-Diham,( Participants will arrive in Bucharest and from there to the venue, by train or buss.

c.       Participants: 3 pax/ country (18+ y.o. facilitators, trainers, youth workers, mentors etc.)

​d.       Trainers: Anna Sipos and Diana Vestineanu

e.       Application form:

f.        Methods: Gamification and creative recycling, more details in the Infopack:









10 (2).jpg






If you want to be part of this project, apply here:




Youth Exchange – MAKING OF ANANDA FESTIVAL (28th of June – 19th of July 2019 Paúl, Portugal)




The youth exchange will take place between 28th June (arrival day) and 19th
July 2019 (departure day). We will have 6 participants and 1 youth leader
from each of these countries: Denmark, Romania, Malta and Portugal.
It is a 20-day long intensive multicultural experience in the beautiful
countryside of Portugal, next to the Serra da Estrela Natural Reserve.
In these days you will help building up a festival for those who believe in and
work towards making the world a better place, an adventure through art and
nature, a dive for activists, dreamers, young people and families, lovers of
ecology and warriors of light.
The youth exchange is a gathering of more than 20 young people from
around Europe to join the forces of Ananda Valley ecovillage and help to
implement Ananda Festival of Bliss that has its 3rd edition this year!
We will help with construction, decorations, making signs, maintaining the
organic gardens, learn how to cook vegetarian delicious food and many
Those who are interested will be involved in filming and editing a “ Making
of Ananda Festival ” short-movie to promote both the youth exchange and
the festival for next years.
We will do artistic workshops, team-building activities and multicultural
nights during the program. A meaningful work with a lot of fun meanwhile!
There will be also time for learning, sharing experiences and knowledge,
introduce our countries and learn about other cultures.

portugal 1.JPG

● Step 1 : Arrive to Lisbon OR Porto by the latest 19h p.m.
● Step 2 : You need to catch a bus (from Porto or Lisbon) or train (from
Lisbon) to Covilhã
● Step 3 : We will wait you there 🙂
Please contact us before buying any tickets!

We finish the course on 18th July, after that you can leave same way.
Please contact us before buying any tickets!
Sharing travel info / reimbursement
When you return after the course you will need to post your original
travel tickets and boarding passes and travel reimbursement form to
“ ANANDA MARGA Portugal – Rua Malhadas 1, 6215-421 Paúl,
Portugal ” and you or your Association will be reimbursed by us.
Before you post them please ensure that you have a digital copy of
everything in case they get lost. If the correct documentation is not
provided, reimbursement may not be possible .
Maximum amount of acceptable real travel costs will be:
● Portugal: 20€
● Malta: 360€
● Romania: 360€
● Denmark: 360€
This means that if you are coming from Malta and your travel has cost
390€ you will only get the 360€ of it as reimbursement.

portugal 2.JPG

Thank you for reading everything up here 🙂
If you have any questions ask here our collaborators:

K R I . P A V L O V A @ G M A I L . C O M

Smile and enjoy! 🙂



Transforma 2% din timpul si venitul tau!


“Suntem cu totii condusi de nevoia de a implini 6 nevoi umane de baza. Aceste 6 nevoi umane nu sunt doar dorinte, nu sunt ceva ce VREM. Sunt nevoi profunde care exista in fiecare dintre noi si care servesc ca fundament pentru fiecare alegere pe care o facem.” Anthony Robbins

Cele 6 Nevoi Emotionale ale Fiintei Umane:

  1. Certitudine/ Siguranta
  2. Incertitudine/ Diversitate
  3. Semnificație/ Importanta
  4. Conexiune
  5. Creștere/ Dezvoltare

Noi, oamenii, avem nevoie sa contribuim cumva… la ceva… este una dintre cele mai importante nevoi pentru a ne atinge misiunea noastra.

A darui cuiva ceva inseamna a-ti darui tie ceva. A contribui la ceva anume inseamna a te simti implinit. A darui din inima, a participa la ceva anume, a ajuta pe cineva, a face un bine cuiva, a simti ca faci din aceasta lume un loc mai bun si mai frumos, a contribui la un lucru nobil, valoros, toate aceste nevoi sunt inradacinate in fiecare dintre noi. Chiar daca uneori avem tendinta de a darui altora mai mult decat ne daruim noi insine, “contributiile nu trebuie doar facute altora. Contributia fata de noi insine este atitudinea cea mai potrivita prin care putem darui mediului si oamenilor ce ne inconjoara.

„De ce facem ceea ce facem” Discursul lui Tony Robbins la TED

Target miss





POINT OF VYOU Association


POINT OF VYOU is an intercultural youth center created in order to complete and balance the lifestyle of youth that are willing to develop and achieve their potential, trough multilateral development, sustainability and global responsibility.

POV mission is to develop inspirational programs that create lasting, balanced changes in young people’s lives and create alternatives to improve living standards. POV want to create social change by encouraging members of the community to open their mind and to look at life from a different point of view. POV activity is focused on 3 dimensions: personal development, professional development and global responsibility. The methodology that they use includes the storytelling method, graphic facilitation, introspection self expression and global education. POV vision is a world where young people live a harmonious lifestyle to reach their potential and create a sustainable environment. Most of the organization’s activities have been implemented on local and regional level, with the young people in Romania, and some of them in partnerships with European Countries. In this first year organization focus was on youth worked in various topics: education, gamification, self developing/ understanding and upcycling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

POINT OF VYOU is creating a sustainable and balanced life in the environment, creating peace between different cultures. Is creating easy access to tools and ways of multilateral developing and lifestyle balance. It’s a combination of different experiences with different people, methods and points of view. It’s needed because of the poverty, unhappiness, request and complaining of young people that are not moving enough and they are not satisfied with their static lifestyle. It empowers youth workers with tools, methods and ways to sustainable multiply knowledge on life balance in frame of global responsibility.

The key staff involved in this application has been organize and been involved in the last few years in more than 50 European and national projects in ERASMUS + and Youth in Action program. The passion for exchanging intercultural experiences, connecting with diverse cultures, traveling around Europe and being part from different roles of so many courses, exchanging with people from all over the word and managing European volunteering services, all this are creating a very good combination in order to give the best results in the Project. The key staff have been Involved by participating, organizing or supporting in national and European Long Life Learning projects of Youth in Action, ERASMUS + (Training courses, Youth Exchanges, Seminars, Congresses trough nonformal education and others).

Project Portfolio POINT OF VYOU:






Call for RO participants – Youth Exchange in Italy – “ZOOM, Dig in your sensitivity”, 17 – 26 September 2019

What: Youth Exchange with ERASMUS + programm,

“ZOOM, Dig in your sensitivity”

When: 17-26 September 2019

Were: Bergolo, Italy

location italy

For whom: 35 young people from 7 European Countries. We are in the selection process for Romanian team, represented by POINT OF VYOU Association (click here to apply for the process).

The project ZOOM – Dig in your Sensitivity is to practise Art, Expression and Communication.

It’s a Youth Exchange that brings together 35 young people from 7 European Countries for a dynamic individual learning experience in a group context.


Starting from RECOGNITION OF ONE’S IDENTITY we meet the other and open an INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE where invent CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

WHY? The duration of attention is becoming ever shorter and the use of the main communication methods contribute to make the use of lexicon ever simpler, a rediscovery of traditions and of the real meaning of words become an instrument for dialogue and reflection. So that ZOOM aims to a conscious and mature confrontation among European youngsters.

HOW? Reducing communication barriers. Increasing the capacity of communication of personal ideas in order to find an effective way to reach the listeners.

  • body language, theatre and body expression techniques,

  • poetry as the first mean to deepen the use of lexicon,

  • mother tongue to be aware of the source of the thought,

  • the evolution into English to manage to be understood by a wider range of people.

Starting from poems of mother tongue we identify a way to transmit the content without necessary knowing the english translation.

The aim is to increase the capacity of communication of personal ideas in order to find an effective way to reach the listeners.To find this way we want to invite participants to explore different languages involved in expression and communication: body language using theatre, poetry form to include affective side of communication, mother tongue to be aware of the source of the thought, the evolution into English to manage to be understood by a wider range of people in the most suitable way.

The final aim is for youngsters to reach a greater ability in organization and usability of own skills from the perspective of development of messages contained into ideas, often transmitted in the wrong way.

We choose poetry as first mean to deepen the use of lexicon for a more effective writing that meanwhile comprehend creativity.


  • Your age is between 18 and 26 years old (except the national leader who doesn’t have age limit)

  • You want to discover more about the world of poetry, you want to share your talents and creativity and learn from other youth about this topic

  • You are interested in developing your attitudes, skills and knowledge in the areas of personal development and cultural awareness through poetry, body movement, theatre

  • You are willing to take part in the whole programme and in all the activities

  • You are ready to get involved in non-formal activities for a duration of around 10 hours per day

  • You are able to communicate in simple English

  • You are officially resident in one of the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal or Romania

  • You will not be benefitting from any other Erasmus Plus fund during the program in Italy (ex. you are not doing the European Voluntary Service)

Are you interested in discover more about what is a Youth Exchange? Click HERE!

Participants’ learning experiences will be recognised through a Youthpass.

Zoom_visual 1

More info about this youth exchange you can find here:

To register in the process of selection, click here! If you have any extra questions, send us an email:

If you are also interested in similar projects with POINT OF VYOU Association, see more info here.




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